Dr RM Cullen MD MSc(Hons) MFM BA DipStats DipProfEthics is a medically trained theoretical biologist with interests in human hybrids and directed evolution (evolution by intelligent design!?), and is the director of Vaki Puzzles Ltd (www.vakipuzzles.com) For twenty years he practiced clinical medicine and still heads a sports academy and consults in diabetes reversal, as well as chairing both the New Zealand Science Trust and New Zealand Puzzle Association Inc.  He has co-authored two books, Maori Health and Maori Education and during a period as an honorary research fellow in the Dept of Mathematics, University of Auckland, showed, with Dr Wayne Walker, that whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination in New Zealand increased the incidence of that disease in under one year olds (the most vulnerable group). At the time this was a highly contentious result, but is now accepted wisdom. At the turn of the century Dr Cullen was involved in a  high school based project, ‘cloning the Huia’, which had grade 9 and 10 students extract DNA from that extinct bird.

Dr Cullen produces a monthly book of vaki puzzles.

His first formal attempt at fiction (many of his friends maintain that he has always written fiction) is Citizen Sandy due for release as an ebook Oct 4, 2016.

“Reversing Type II Diabetes and Prediabetes” is also due for release in the second half of 2016.